Who are we?

Alokin is focused on protecting mission critical equipment in all industries, as such, it is able to capitalize on its significant internal expertise.  The company is led by a team of highly talented and dedicated officers and personnel and is governed by a board of directors / managers who are leaders in various industries.

Alokin Industries is proud to offer Lightning Shield™, an American manufactured product that protects electrical and electronic equipment from lightning ground potential rise (L-GPR) and off-voltage events. Alokin assembles and tests Lightning Shield™ products at its headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Alokin Leadership

Dennis J. Schulz, J.D.

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder

Mr. Schulz is a proven developer of grass roots technologies, projects and restructures.

He has a proven track record of taking start-up businesses & technologies and leading them into early stage growth.

Tim Birnie


It frees our time because we have to spend less time repairing. It makes us more efficient and it’s preventative, not reactive.

John Hayes, telecom technician