Alokin acquires Alset & Lightning Shield products

By March 28, 2014News

Lightning Shield™

Following the acquisition from Alset, Alokin will immediately begin marketing and selling the Lightning Shield™ product line.  This product protects sensitive electrical and electronics equipment from Off Voltage events and L-GPR by pre-emptively isolating equipment.  Equipment is isolated from the AC power supply prior to a lightning ground strike, therefor eliminating the pathway for lightning to damage equipment.  Additionally, several versions of Lightning Shield™ allow users to protect equipment from sustained low and high voltage events; this is not surge protection but rather a form of equipment protection that is required in many areas due to unstable power from the power grid.

Lightning Shield™ products are well known as the “gold standard” for L-GPR protection.  Alokin expects to market Lightning Shield™ in six configurations (LS-Lite, LS50, LS100, and LS200, LS-Sentry), an advanced remote monitoring system is an option for certain models.  

The Company is also developing LS-Sentry, a trimmed down version that provides both L-GPR and Off-Voltage protection at a more economical price point (LS-Sentry is still in the validation process and will likely be offered as a product in late 2014).