How it Works

Lightning Shield predicts a lightning strike before it happens, protecting your equipment.

6 Steps to complete lightning protection

Protect your equipment with

Lightning Shield™

Lightning Shield™ products are the best solution for protecting your equipment against L-GPR, other forms of lightning damage, and off-voltage events.

 A buildup of energy is detected in the


Before a cloud-to-ground lightning strike, there is a detectable energy field increase that Lightning ShieldTM products detect.

Your equipment is physically isolated

from the threat

After detecting an energy build-up, the equipment is physically isolated from the AC power grid (similar to unplugging your equipment).

After a user determined period of time, the power to the equipment is restored

When the threat has passed, Lightning Shield™ products automatically reconnect to the power, all the while continuously monitoring for new threats.

System status and activity logs can be remotely monitored

A remote manager is available for select Lightning Shield™ models which can log events, provide threat notifications, and remotely test equipment.

Return on investment can happen in as little as one lightning strike

Typically within one year after installing a Lightning Shield™ product our customers see a complete return on investment.

Electrical asset protection has never been more important

Our world has become more and more dependent on electrical equipment designed to make our lives easier.  The quest to make everything smaller has made our electrical components more susceptible to damage from surges and ground potential rise (“GPR”).

4 threats to your equipment

Direct Lightning Strike

Direct lightning strikes to equipment produce high voltages by either flowing through earth resistance or flowing through the existing circuit.

Nearby Lightning Strike

Nearby lightning strikes induce voltages/currents on the conductors outside and/or inside a building.


L-GPR is the voltages/currents flowing out from a lightning strike that saturates your grounding system.

Off-Voltage Events

Off-voltage events are voltage irregularities (such as spikes and sags) that seriously damage electrical equipment.